NWTC Hosts Annual Advisory Committee Meeting

Northwest Technology Center, Fairview Campus, hosted its annual Advisory Committee Meeting on Friday, November 13. Each program at the technology center organizes an Advisory Council of five to ten patrons. Staff members collect feedback on their respective program from the committee members both at the meeting and at other times throughout the year. Approximately 60 community members attended the event.

“The input that these committee members have in our program is very important.” stated Bobby Watson, Automotive Technology Instructor at Northwest Technology Center. “Every year I have received great input and I am looking forward to implementing their feedback throughout the year.”

According to Jessica Schanbacher, Digital Design Instructor, “My Advisory Committee made several suggestions which I will implement to improve my program. I really enjoyed the great brainstorming efforts and look forward to seeing the positive results of their recommendations.”

Those attending include current and former students, parents, business people and other educators. The volunteers served on committees for daytime and evening programs, business and industry and service-oriented programs. The agenda included introductions and a brief presentation by Colt Shaw, Assistant Superintendent.

Each instructor or coordinator gives a short, informal presentation and then asks for feedback from its Advisory Committee. Northwest Technology Center uses the feedback from the meetings to ensure that each program and service it offers is meeting the needs of business, industry and students.

“We are so appreciative of the interest that these community members have in Northwest Technology Center and the time that they spent away from their businesses to help keep our programs on the cutting edge.” said Shaw. “The inform0ation we gain from these meetings will prove helpful to us in providing programs and services for the communities which we serve.”

Colt Shaw, Assistant Superintendent briefly addressed the group in the school’s Seminar Room before dismissing them to meeting with instructors in their respective program area.

NWTC Partners with OK Department of Corrections for Training

Northwest Technology Center (NWTC) in partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections(DOC) are striving to train DOC employees regionally. The DOC, specifically, Bill Johnson Correctional Center, James Crabtree Correctional Center and the William S. Key Correctional Center and Northwest Technology Center have formed this partnership which provides a Northwest Oklahoma Correctional Officers Academy to train entry level personnel for these facilities. Many of those trained could not attend a lengthy training further away because of the distance traveled and commitments to family. The officer academy provides this training locally for this workforce. This partnerships helps the DOC in Northwest Oklahoma recruit and retain employees. NWTC is pleased to be able to be to serve Northwest Oklahoma residents and to assist the DOC and its employees. The academy is coordinated by Charlotte Hadwiger, Business and Industry Services Director for Northwest Technology Center-Alva campus.

Sgt. Chris Jamison and Canine Officer, Boomer work with the entry level DOC employees involved in the Northwest Oklahoma Correctional Officers Academy. The group is learning about the procedures for the drug dog at DOC facilities.

Updated on 11/18/15

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