Career Major - Entry Level Welder

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Entry Level Welder - Fairview Campus
This career major is an introduction to common welding processes and precision metal fabrication. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of welding and the cutting processes. Students will be introduced to Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) equipment and Shielded Metal Arc Welding(SMAW) basics. Students will also be introduced to blue print reading and construction of items according to specifications.

Career Major Length: 525 hours

CIP Code: 48.0508
SOC Code:
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Introduction to Welding & Cutting Processes 90
GMAW/FCAW Equipment and Setup 15
Metal Characteristics and Properties 30
FCAW Plate/Pipe 60
Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging 15
Plasma Arc Cutting 15
Welding Blueprints 15
Welding Joint Fit Up and Adjustment 15
GTAW Equipment & Filler Materials 15
GTAW Plate 60
SMAW Electrodes 15
SMAW Equipment & Setup 15
SMAW - Beads & Fillet Welds in Construction 120
Welding Detail Drawings II 45


Campus Location: Fairview

Financial Aid Eligible: No.

Who Can Enroll: High School Juniors and Seniors & Adults

Student Organization: SkillsUSA

Tuition and Materials Use Fees:
Full-time in-district adult tuition - $1,050
Full-time out-of-district adult - $2,100
Full-time materials use fees - $262.50

Salary Range:

Helpful Attributes and Abilities:

  • Reading, language and math skills at the 10th grade level or above
  • An ability to compute percentages, measurements and simple fractions
  • A basic knowledge of general science
  • Good eye-hand coordination

Cluster: Manufacturing

Pathway: Manufacturing/Welding & Metal Fabrication

Instructor: Mr. JP Parker


Updated on 8/18/15