Northwest Tech News - Fall 2010

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Students Get Lesson on Etiquette

Posted on December 27, 2010  

Have you ever been “stumped” when it came time to sit down for a formal meal or a meal with that important client and there were several different forks at your place on the table?   Do you know why the drinking glasses are placed on the right hand side of the plate or why you place your napkin on your lap during a meal?  Proper table etiquette can either make or break that important business deal and can make a good or bad impression on family and friends. 

etiquette photo 1

Students participating in the Superintendent’s Leadership Class at Northwest Technology Center learned the answers to these and many other etiquette dilemmas last week during a “Business and Professional Etiquette” seminar held at Northwest Technology Center in Alva.  The seminar was attended by students from both the Alva and Fairview campuses.  The group was joined by 12 students from High Plains Technology Center in Woodward for the day’s activities.  

etiquette photo 2

The first portion of the seminar was entitled "Dress for Success and Workplace Etiquette” and was lead by DiAnna Waldschmidt, former Business and Industry Health Coordinator at Northwest Technology Center in Alva.   Waldschmidt discussed the use of cell phones and e-mail in the workplace, as well as, handshakes and interviews.  A session on Dining Etiquette was also led by Waldschmidt.   The staff of Chartwells on the campus of Northwestern Oklahoma State University prepared the five course meal.            

Northwest Technology Center students participating in the leadership class include:  David Huckabee, Jennifer Appleton, Rebecca Avila, Caitlin Borders, Kendra Foster, Katie Gluth, Taelor McClure, Rachel Smith, Robert Thomas and Matthew Thomas, all of Alva, Susan James of Cherokee, Micah Williams of Nash, Anh Boren of Woodward, Caitlin Beckloff of Oakwood, Mary Bowen, Wendy Fitzsimmons, Tim Kehn and Eric Nunn of Fairview.    Caitlin Beckloff of Oakwood, Hector Delgado and Ethan Wichert of Isabella, Lauren Hallmark of Canton, Bryant Jackson of Longdale, Skyler Koehn of Cleo Springs, Sadie Woodall of Helena and Kristen Wright of Ringwood.

Students Win Logo Design Contest

Posted on December 7, 2010  

Logo Design Photo

Two students from Northwest Tech’s Web Development and Graphic Design class were named winners of the Waynoka Chamber of Commerce Logo Design Contest.   Justin Micholson (on left) is an adult student from Alva.  Taylor Bersche (on right) is an AHS student.   Juli Bowen, Chamber Director, had awarded each student with $50 Sand Dollars.  Sand Dollars are like a gift certificate for Waynoka based businesses.   Tami Frascht is the instructor for the Web Development and Graphic Design Class. 

Northwest Tech Fairview Campus Receives DEEP Rebate Check

Posted on November 22, 2010  

During a special ceremony at the Northwest Technology Center in Fairview on November 18th, Kathy (Grim) Cunningham, Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (OMPA) Board Member from Fairview, and Dale Sides, Fairview City Manager, presented a $1,533.77 check from OMPA's Demand and Energy Efficiency Program
(DEEP) to Dr. Gerald Harris, Assistant Superintendent of the Northwest Tech Center's Fairview Campus, and Bruce Lowder, Director of Maintenance of the center's Fairview Campus, for the installation of energy efficient lighting at the center on behalf of the OMPA Board of Directors.

DEEP photo

Pictured above (Left to Right): Dale Sides, Fairview City Manager, Dr. Gerald Harris, Assistant Superintendent of the Northwest Technology Center in Fairview, Kathy (Grim) Cunningham, Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (OMPA) Board Member from Fairview, and Bruce Lowder, Director of Maintenance of the Northwest Technology Center in Fairview, stand in front of an oversized rebate check in the amount of $1,533.77 that was presented on November 18th by the City of Fairview and OMPA to the center from OMPA's Demand and Energy Efficiency Program (DEEP) for the installation of energy efficient lighting at the center on behalf of the OMPA Board of Directors. - Tom Willis Photo

OMPA Board Member Kathy (Grim) Cunningham said, "DEEP assists OMPA's 37 member cities with their qualified customers to reduce their electric service energy demands and costs.  This program provides rebates to commercial and industrial customers that implement retrofits that reduce their demand at peak times.  These projects include lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, commercial food service equipment, pumps and motors. The reduction of these demands help keep energy rates as low as possible and delays the need to add additional OMPA generation capacity to the system."

"This project demonstrates the commitment by the Northwest Technology Center with the support of the City of Fairview and its leaders to undertake a lighting retrofit resulting in reduced demand for electricity during peak hours, while improving the energy efficiency of the center," said Tom Willis, OMPA Energy Engineer. Willis added that the new lighting will result in a 19 kW load reduction for the center."The City of Fairview has been a member of the OMPA power supply program since 1989," stated Fairview City Manager Dale Sides, "and programs like this are one of the reasons Fairview joined OMPA."

The funds available for approved projects will be determined by the OMPA Board.  Funds available for an individual project will be determined through submission of detailed project plans.  For more information on DEEP, visit the OMPA website at <>  or contact Willis at

Northwest Technology Center has been serving high school and adult students from Major and Woods counties for over 30 years. Northwest Tech is one of 29 technology centers in Oklahoma which are accredited by the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education.  The Oklahoma Northwest Area Vocational-Technical School was formed in 1969 with the first classes for both the Alva and Fairview campuses being offered during the 1972-1973 school year.

OMPA is a state governmental agency created by the legislature to serve cities and towns that own and operate their electrical distribution systems and is governed by the members.  The Authority presently serves 37 municipally-owned electric systems in Oklahoma. This year OMPA is celebrating its 25th anniversary of providing wholesale power and services to its members.

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Posted on November 22,, 2010  

Candy Class Photo

Ten students are getting ready for the holidays by attending the “Candy Making” course at Northwest Tech.  The class is taught by Anne Haight.  In the photo, Haight demonstrates how to prepare homemade caramel for holiday treats as Megan Stephens looks on.

Northwest Tech Hosts ACT Prep Course

Posted on October 25, 2010  

High School students from several area high schools spent Wednesday morning at Northwest Technology Center for an ACT Prep Workshop.  The workshop was coordinated by NWTC’s Guidance Counselor, Karen Koehn and had an enrollment of almost 150.  The workshop was presented by Chad Cargill and focused on preparing for the ACT Test and applying for college scholarships.  High Schools attending included:   Alva, Burlington, Cherokee, Freedom, Waynoka, Medicine Lodge, KS, South Barber, KS, Aline-Cleo, Ashland, KS, St. John , KS, Stafford, KS and several home school students.   Another ACT Prep Workshop is scheduled at Northwest Technology Center on December 8.

Act Prep Photo

Student Organizations Install Officers

Posted on October 24, 2010  

Northwest Technology Center held installation ceremonies for the student organizations on its Fairview campus. Officers for both the morning and the afternoon sessions at Northwest Technology Center were sworn in during the ceremony. Patty Lovell, the school’s guidance counselor served as the installing officer for the ceremony. Northwest Technology Center currently has three student organizations. They include: Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), Business Professionals of America (BPA) and SkillsUSA. HOSA group include: Sadie Woodall, president; Anh Boren, vice-president; Lauren Black, secretary/treasurer and Mandi Hibbitt, reporter. The officer team for the afternoon HOSA group include: Kourtney Mondoux, president; Anh Boren, vice-president; Chelsie Kietal, secretary/treasurer and Kristina Lamberson, reporter.

The officers for the morning BPA group include: Jestin Gould, president; Brian Nelson, vice-president; Kimberly Rhode, secretary/treasurer; Wendy Fitzsimmons, parliamentarian and Mary Bowen, historian/reporter. Afternoon BPA officers include: Wendy Fitzsimmons, president; Kristen Richardson, vice-president; Amanda Beckner, secretary/treasurer; Jestin Gould, parliamentarian and Mason White, historian/reporter.

SkillsUSA morning officers include:  Bryant Jackson, president; Jacob Stephens, vice president; Dalton Cheshire, secretary; Zach Huber, treasurer; Josh Davis, parliamentarian and Ethan Williams, reporter. The afternoon SkillsUSA Officers include: Alton Grammar, president; Alec Johannesmeyer, vice-president; Kristin Wright, secretary; David Huckabee, treasurer; Cale Gibson, parliamentarian; Jill Bollig, reporter. 

Officer installation photo Bryant Jackson, SkillsUSA (Morning Session) president leads SkillsUSA members in the SkillsUSA pledge during the Student Organization Officer Installation Ceremony held on Monday. Patty Lovell, the school’s Guidance Counselor and Installing Officer for the ceremony looks on.
Officer installation photo 2 Afternoon session student organization presidents receive the “oath of office” during NWTC’s Student Organization Officer Installation held earlier this week.   Pictured are (l to r):  Alton Grammar, Wendy Fitzsimmons and Kourtney Mondoux.


Northwest Tech's Leadership Class Visits ROPES Course

Posted on October 8, 2010  

Northwest Technology Center students involved in the Superintendent’s Leadership Class visited the ROPES Course at Canadian Valley Technology Center in Chickasha. The ROPES Course focuses on building teamwork and building trust within the group. The students were joined by students from High Plains Technology Center in Woodward for the activities.  

Ropes course photo 1The group spent part of the day on the low or teambuilding course.  The activities on this course involve icebreakers, group games and teambuilding activities where students are given tasks that they must complete as a team.  

Rachel Smith, an Alva High School Senior and member of Northwest Technology Center’s Superintendent’s Leadership Class was one of only four students to complete the Pamper Pole Challenge during a visit to the Ropes Course at Chickasha earlier this week.  The Pamper Pole Challenge involves climbing a 25 ft. tall telephone pole and jumping approximately five feet to grab a trapeze bar.   The photo to the left shows Smith as she grabs the bar and completes the challenge

Also during the day, the group completed the high course.   After a session on course safety and how to use the equipment the students took to the air.   Each student up on the high course had a partner on the ground who helped them complete the course and then the students switched places.   A highlight of the day for several students was riding the zip line at the end of the course. 

Students participating in the leadership class include:  Susan James of Cherokee, David Huckabee, Jennifer Appleton, Rebecca Avila, Caitlin Borders, Erik Ceniceros, Kendra Foster, Katie Gluth, Liz Kennedy, Taelor McClure, Rachel Smith, Robert Thomas and Matthew Thomas, all of Alva.    Micah Williams of Nash, Kristen Wright of Ringwood, Lauren Hallmark of Canton, Sadie Woodall of Helena, Skyler Koehn of Cleo Springs, Anh Boren of Woodward, and Caitlin Beckloff, Jill Bollig, Mary Bowen, Hector Delgado, Wendy Fitzsimmons, Bryant Jackson, Tim Kehn, Eric Nunn and Ethan Wichert, all of Fairview. 
This is the ninth year for Northwest Technology Center to have a leadership program.   Students participate in a professional application and interview process.    The group members attend monthly meetings with topics such as business and professional etiquette, teambuilding and leadership.    The students will complete the class in March.  The leadership class is sponsored and funding is provided by the Northwest Technology Center Foundation.  The next meeting is scheduled for November 3 and will focus on how to “Build Yourself As A Leader.”


Ropes Course Photo 2


In the photo above, students from Northwest Technology Center in Alva and Fairview and High Plains Technology Center in Woodward work through various stages of the “high” ROPES Course at Canadian Valley Technology Center in Chickasha.


Ropes Course Photo 3


The students are pictured at the end of the event.  They include:  top row (l to r) Kendra Foster, Jennifer Appleton, Liz Kennedy, Tim Kehn, Matthew Thomas, Eric Nunn, Skyler Koehn, Hector Delgado; Row 2 (l to r):   Caitlin Borders, Wendy Fitzsimmons, Kristen Wright, Anh Boren, Sadie Woodall, Lauren Hallmark, Rebecca Avila, Katie Gluth; Row 3 (l to r):   Rachel Smith, Caitlin Beckloff, Jill Bollig, Ethan Wichert, David Huckabee, Mary Bowen, Taelor McClure; Front Row (l to r):   Bryant Jackson, Erik Ceniceros, Robert Thomas, Micah Williams and Susan James. 

Northwest Technology Center Earns Designation As Top CareerTech

Posted on September 3, 2010  

Gold Star Photo

Northwest Technology Center has been recognized as one of ten Oklahoma Technology Centers earning the Gold Star Award, the highest honor given by the Oklahoma Association of Technology Centers (OATC).  This is the fifth time that Northwest Technology Center has received the award.  Accepting the Gold Star School award for Northwest Technology Center in the photo above are (l to r) Daren Slater, Assistant Superintendent-Alva Campus, Jane Bowen, NWTC’s Superintendent and Dr. Gerald Harris, Assistant Superintendent-Fairview Campus.    

The Gold Star Award recognizes technology centers that have met rigid and demanding criteria, demonstrating a high level of excellence.  The Awards Presentation was a part of the annual Oklahoma Association of Career and Technology Educators (OkACTE) Summer Conference which attracts more than 3,600 educators from across Oklahoma.     

Gold Star PHoto on stage

Accepting the award on behalf of Northwest Technology Center were Jane Bowen, Superintendent, Daren Slater, Assistant Superintendent-Alva and Dr. Gerald Harris, Assistant Superintendent-Fairview.     The award was presented by Dr. Phil Berkinbile, Director of the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education (ODCTE), Pat McGregor, OkACTE Executive Director.    

“It is quite an honor for our school to receive the Gold Star Award.” said Bowen.  “It is an achievement for our staff, board members and for the communities served by Northwest Technology Center.   Our staff has worked diligently, but we could not have received this award without the support of the local patrons who attend our classes, support our activities and who utilize our services.”    

“Northwest Technology Center is a leader in economic development and education in its district, which includes the school districts of Alva, Aline-Cleo, Canton, Fairview, Freedom, Ringwood and Waynoka,” said McGregor said.   “During the past year, Northwest Technology Center has worked with over 100 business and industry partners in the areas of training and business development.   Northwest is proud of its business partnerships and its partnerships with other technology centers.”    

To qualify for the award, Northwest Technology Center met over 50 criteria set up by the OATC Awards committee.   The criteria included:   retention, program completion, placement, percentage of the population served, number of secondary and post secondary students enrolled in its daytime programs, innovative partnerships with business and industry and additional criteria in the areas of Agricultural Business Management, Economic Development, Marketing, Adult Training and Development and many other areas.

Northwest Technology Center has many outstanding programs including:  Automotive Technology, Auto Collision Technology, Business and Information Technology, Manufacturing Technology, Health Careers Certification, Service Technology and Web Development and Graphic Design.  

City of Alva Recognized as Partner in Progress

Posted on August 24, 2010  

City of Alva photo

The City of Alva recently received the Partners For Progress Award from the Oklahoma Association of Technology Centers (OATC).   Pictured include:  Steve Kliewer, Business and Industry Services Director-NWTC Fairview; Jane Bowen, NWTC’s Superintendent; Steve Brown, City Manager-City of Alva; Kirk Trekell, Alva Fire Chief; Charlotte Hadwiger, Business and Industry Services Director-NWTC Alva; Daren Slater, Assistant Superintendent, NWTC-Alva; Dr. Gerald Harris, Assistant Superintendent, NWTC-Fairview.      

Tthe City of Alva was honored for contributions to the development, promotion, and progress of Oklahoma's technology center system during the 2010 Career and Technology Education Summer Conference held August 2 and 3 at the Tulsa Convention Center.

Accepting the Oklahoma Association of Technology Centers' Partners for Progress Award for the City of Alva were Steve Brown, Alva City Manager, Alex Mantz, Economic Development Coordinator/Executive Director of the Alva Chamber of Commerce and Kirk Trekell, Alva Fire Chief.  The municipality was nominated for the honor by Northwest Technology Center.

The Partners for Progress Award recognizes businesses, organizations and industries which have demonstrated their commitment to CareerTech education in a variety of ways including cooperative programs and community involvement.  “The City of Alva has worked closely with Northwest Technology Center during the past several years.   The city has supported Northwest Technology Center’s Business and Industry training initiatives as well as the school’s daytime programs.” said Jane Bowen, NWTC’s Superintendent.  “Working with the City of Alva has been really positive for our school, our students and our community.”  

According to Daren Slater, NWTC’s Assistant Superintendent on the Alva Campus, “Employees of the city have completed training in the areas of safety, firefighter training, leadership, motivation and much more.  Both the City of Alva and Northwest Technology Center have partnered for many years on economic development issues.”

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