Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics (OSSM) -
(Fairview Campus Only)


The Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics Regional Center at Northwest Technology Center Fairvivew Campus provides advanced educational opportunities and challenges for high school juniors and seniors who are gifted in the areas of science and math. The school is a branch of the prestigious Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics.

The curriculum is designed to provide an accelerated program that will compliment students' high school course work in science and math.

Admission to the OSSM Regional Center is a highly competitive process initiated by written application. In addition to the student's high interest in science and mathematics, the admission committee will examine multiple criteria including standardized test scores, previous grades and course work, academic recommendations, scientific interest and aptitude, self-discipline, personal maturity, motivation and overall potential as an OSSM-Northwest Tech student.

There is no tuition for students to attend OSSM-Northwest Tech. Textbooks are supplied by OSSM. Students are only responsible for costs associated with school supplies and incidental expenses related to their course work.


Up to 20 students are selected each year from surrounding area high schools to participate in the program.  A Students interested in applying for admission should obtain an application from their high school counselor,
Northwest Technology Center or download application packet from our website.

Students must complete Algebra II prior to attending the OSSM regional center. The completion of Trigonometry is helpful but not required for the OSSM program. 

Application Packets may be downloaded, completed, and then returned to the Fairview OSSM Site. During the academic school year return completed application to your high school counselor.

Fairview Admission Packet - MS Word Version - PDF Version


The Fairview site has two instructors. John Sellars serves as the Physics instructor. Mr. Sellars can be contacted by email at jsellars@nwtech.edu or john.sellars@ossm.edu and by phone by calling 580.227.3708. Elaine Hutchison serves as the Calculus instructor. Ms. Hutchison can be contacted by email at ehutchison@nwtech.edu or elaine.hutchison@ossm.edu or by phone by calling 580.227.3708.


More information on the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics (OSSM) is available at www.OSSM.edu.

Updated on 7/2/12