Career Center

The Career Center assists students with certifications within their career fields. During the school year, instructors arrange for testing after completion of curricula depending on the student’s academic major using testing from the Oklahoma Department of CareerTech testing center. Students enrolled in Business, Digital Design and Health courses also use Brainbench to validate student learning. Health students utilize the National Health Care Assessment as part of their curriculum. The Alva campus offers Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Tests upon request. The Career Center staff serve as test coordinators. Certificates earned are included in each student’s portfolio.

The Oklahoma Career Information System (OKCIS) website is available in the Career Center to all students interested in creating an online resume’ or portfolio. The system provides students with opportunities to explore all careers and occupations in the state of Oklahoma. Other resources on the OKCIS website include financial aid updates, scholarship information and interview questions and tips.

Edgenuity is a comprehensive online courseware system designed for grades six through twelve. This courseware is offered to student for credit recovery, remediation, test preparation, and course credit accrual. Edgenuity is designed to meet the demands of the Common Core Standards..

Students needing to obtain a state diploma through GED testing are referred to evening programs in Alva and Fairview. A class is available each semester for those students. Edgenuity is available for use as well as OKCIS for career exploration and practice testing. Materials for self-improvement are available to all students is the Career Center.

The Career Center is an extension of all Northwest Technology Center career training programs. The Career Center is designed to support and supplement students in the areas of academic achievement, employability skills, job search skills and job readiness.

Course Information

CR101 and WorkKeys are used to assess student performance and strengthen student skills. Each student will have access to CR101 computer aided instruction which may be used to strengthen WorkKeys testing and validate skills relating to industry standards. Skill standards include: Reading for Information, Locating Information and Applied Mathematics. Testing for a Career Readiness Certificate is promoted and available for all students. All scores are provided to the Oklahoma Department of Commerce for issuance of a Career Readiness Certificate workplace credential.

The Career Center offers a variety of assessment options for each student. PLAN scores, transcripts, IDEAS, WorkKeys, OKCIS and individual interviews are used to assist student placement. Learning style inventories are also available upon request.

Contact Information

For more information about the Career Center, please contact Amy McClure, Career Center Coordinator at the Alva Campus, at 580.327.0344 or Kay Koehn, Career Center Coordinator, at the Fairview Campus, at 580.227.3708.

 Updated on 5/29/15