Policy on Grievance Procedure

It is the policy of NWTC to adopt and publish a grievance procedure which provides a prompt and equitable resolution of complaints from students, parents, employees, and patrons of the school district. The grievance procedure adopted is designed to handle complaints related to any of the following:  An alleged action that is specifically prohibited by state or federal law, including prohibitions against discrimination, sexual harassment and the release of student grievance procedure confidential information; also an alleged violation of equal employment opportunity requirements, laws which require the disclosure of certain information, and/or an alleged violation of any other consumer protection law applicable to NWTC and recipients of state or federal funds.

Please find the Grievance Procedure Policy in its entirety in the Student Consumer Information Handbook at http://www.nwtech.edu/policies.htm, or obtain a hard copy of the handbook in the central office, the counselor’s office or the financial aid office.


 Updated on 6/27/12