The School Bullying Prevention Act (70 OKLA. STAT.   § 24-100.2)

The Oklahoma Legislature established the School Bullying Prevention Act with the express purpose of prohibiting peer student harassment, intimidation, and bullying.  These terms include, but are not limited to any gesture, written or verbal expression, or physical act that a reasonable person should recognize will

  • harm another student
  • damage another student’s property
  • place another student in reasonable fear of harm of the student’s person or damage to the student’s property
  • insult or demean any student or group of students in such a way as to disrupt or interfere with the school district’s educational mission of the student or other students

Bullying is an individual or group aggressive physical, emotional, verbal or sexual behavior whose intentions are to do harm to others.  Bullying can include and is not limited to, name calling, verbal slurs, pushing, hitting, pinching, gesturing, threatening, disrespecting and taking items without permission. NWTC will not tolerate bullying behavior.  This conduct shall be subject to the same disciplinary consequences as other misconduct.

Victims of alleged bullying incidents are encouraged to report the situation to a teacher or personnel in the Student Services office.  Confidentiality will be maintained, within legal limits, and no reprisals or retaliation will be allowed to occur as a result of good faith reporting of bullying.


 Updated on 6/27/12