National Technical Honor Society


The mission of the National Technical Honor Society is to honor student achievement and leadership, promote educational excellence, and enhance career opportunities for the NTHS membership.

The NTHS is committed to

  • providing the highest quality recognition for outstanding students in career and technical education,
  • supplying excellent services to our diverse and multi-cultural membership and member schools,
  • creating new and emerging relationships between the educational community and business and industry,
  • being a flexible organization on the leading edge of technology and constantly responding to change,
  • maintaining financial responsibility to meet our increasing needs, and
    sustaining growth, innovation and continuous improvement based upon ongoing evaluation.

Selection Criteria

Students must be nominated for membership in the National Technical Honor Society by an instructor, an advisor and an administrator. Their application must be approved by the local Chapter Advisors, the nominating instructor and a school administrator. Students who are inducted have maintained an “B” average and have been absent for fewer than five days for one semester.

Other criteria include: honesty, service, leadership, career development, academics and skilled workmanship. The purpose of the organization is to foster the pursuit of educational and career goals to develop greater awareness within our community about the talents and abilities of students engaged in career and technology education, to provide career and technology education and to provide career and technology students a greater awareness of the world of work.


As a member of the National Technical Honor Society, I pledge to maintain the highest standard of personal conduct. I will apply myself to continue a record of scholastic achievement, and I will strive for excellence in all aspects of my education.

I will invest my talents, my skills, and my knowledge in a career of my own choosing and shall always endeavor to uphold my obligations as a citizen of my community and my country.


"Success Favors the Prepared Mind."


nths logoThe Emblem is a shield crossed by a scroll bearing the letters of the National Organization. Above the shield shall be the head of an American Bald Eagle with a wreath of seven stars circling the eagle's head.

Updated on 2/17/14